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Language Learning FAQs
There is tremendous satisfaction in the accomplishment of learning a foreign language. All you need is study and practice using the language. The best way to get this practice is to live in a country where the language is spoken. The next best way is to immerse yourself with Audio-Forum’s proven language courses. Audio-Forum offers quality full-length foreign language programs across over 60 different languages, including Foreign Service Institute courses, language-learning software, audio CDs and digital downloads. See below for Language Learning FAQs.

Q: Which Language Course is right for me?
A: See full details on how to select the right language course here.

Q: What is the Full-Course Audio/Book advantage over premium computer software courses?
A: See why Audio-Forum Audio/Book Courses are the best choice here.

Q: What do your customers say about you?
A: For customer testimonials go here

Q: How are Audio-Forum FSI (Foreign Service Institute) Courses different from other FSI Course publishers?
A: See full details of the Audio-Forum difference here.

Q: I had a couple of years of a language in school, but that was a few years ago. Where should I start?
A: Unless your previous exposure to a language stressed speaking and comprehension skills and you have been speaking that language quite regularly, you will probably do best to start at the basic level (Level 1) of Audio-Forum’s Full-Length Courses. You can move through the basic level or “review” quickly, and you may find that there is much about the language which you do not remember (or did not know at all!). A solid, programmed “review” is always valuable.

Q: I once studied a foreign language, but wasn’t very good at it. Should I try to learn that language again or start with a new one?
A: If you did not do well in the language because you didn’t like the emphasis on grammar and translation (this is a common reason for not doing well in a language), yet you really did enjoy the challenge of studying that language, then you could probably learn that language successfully using an Audio-Forum Full-Length Course. If you did not do well because you were not particularly motivated to learn that language (e.g., it was a required course), and if you still harbor such feelings, then it is probably best to choose another language. Or, you can get your feet wet in the language again in an entertaining way with our Software and Mobile App offerings. The Speak & Learn series features fun learning game activities designed to immerse you in the language and is available for both Windows and Macintosh.

Q: I want to learn a language while “on-the-go”—driving or any other leisure activity. I’m concerned how that would work with the substantial book that comes with Audio-Forum Audio/Book Full-Length Courses. Can I still learn without the book?
A: With Audio-Forum Audio/Book Full-Length Courses, the principal medium of instruction is the audio on CD or MP3. The book supports the audio by providing explanations and points of grammar and usage. Thus, the book is a supplementary part of the Audio-Forum language-learning experience. The best way to master a new language is through memorization and practice. Our audio programs are carefully designed to help this process and an average learner will review the audio programs 4 to 6 times while mastering the material. Therefore, we recommend that learners go through a new lesson with the book the first time. Thereafter, the necessary additional reviews can be done “on-the-go”.

Q: What’s the main difference between Audio-Forum language courses and other commercially available language courses?
A: Unlike foreign-language course materials that are commercially available through language schools and correspondence courses, Audio-Forum’s language programs are specifically designed for self-instructional use without the aid of a teacher. Most other commercially available language courses are teacher- or classroom-centered and rely heavily on the text. Audio-Forum’s language books supplement the audio CDs or MP3s and provide additional drills and grammatical explanation, but are not the core of the language instruction.

Q: How is Audio-Forum different from other foreign language publishers and/or language resellers?
A: Unlike other foreign language publishers, Audio-Forum offers language instruction across a broad spectrum of media including Books, CD Audio, CD Audio/Book, MP3 Audio, MP3 Audio/Book, DVDs, PC Software and Mobile Apps. Unlike other foreign language resellers, Audio-Forum only offers self-published products so all our products are in-stock and ready to ship. No more frustration with unfilled orders, unexpected “out-of-stock” notices, or waiting weeks for a back-ordered product.

Q: Do you still offer Audio-Forum language courses on cassette tape?
A: Sorry, we no longer offer Audio-Forum courses in old formats. All our Audio-Forum products have been updated to CD and digital formats.

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