Return/Exchange Procedure

As part our Satisfaction Guarantee, we offer you a 30-day return policy on all software. To process a return, simply print out this page and include it with the return/exchange. This offer is not valid for customers who resell our products. Please include the following information:

Please Print:

1. Order ID #____________________________
(you can find your order ID when you log on to the system)

2. Email address OR Customer Number: _____________________________________________

3. I would like a:
(check one only)

__ Refund   __ Exchange ______________________________________________________
(print the title and product ID* of the item you want in exchange)

In the event that the exchange item is out of stock, you will receive a a refund.

To locate the product ID of another title, see the URL of the item requested: (4127)

4. Reason for return:
(check all that apply)

__ Problems installing/running software __ Accidentally ordered multiple copies
__ Not compatible with my operating system __ Already own it
__ Don't like it __ Changed my mind
__ Other: ____________________________________________

Return to:
Returns/Exchange Dept.
1270 So. Amphlett Blvd.
San Mateo, CA 94402

If you return a product for a refund, you will receive notification via email once the refund has been issued. Refunds are applied to the credit card you used for your purchase. This offer is also not valid for customers that resell our products on a retail basis. We will send a confirmation email of the refund or replacement order. Thank you for allowing us to serve you! If you have any questions or concerns please contact us through the Customer Support area of our website.