Egyptian Arabic (13 CDs/Book)

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Learn to Speak Egyptian Arabic!

Developed by Samia Mehrez, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University

For Beginners

Spoken Egyptian Arabic is designed to bridge the gap between highly technical Arabic grammars meant for the specialized student of Arabic and simple phrasebooks of basic sentences. This self-study course for beginners emphasizes the spoken language as it is used in everyday situations, and is based on the author's experience in teaching business people and foreign students of varied backgrounds in Cairo and the USA.

The entire text is in transliteration without any introduction of Arabic script, so you can focus on proficiency with a new and intricate phonetic system. Once you master this stage of learning, a transition to the actual Arabic script with more advanced courses will be much faster and easier.

* 9.4 hours of audio, 13 units
* 250-page text
* Pronunciation through transliteration system
* Greetings and expressions
* Describing people, places, and things
* Expressing ownership and relationships
* Locating things and places
* Numbers, time and date
* Shopping
* Food and dining
* Expressing facts
* Habits and progressive actions
* Giving orders
* Places
* Professions
* Countries and nationalities
* Transportation

About the Language
The Arabic language, which belongs to the Semitic language group, encompasses numerous dialects. The Egyptian Arabic dialect is spoken by many of the 80 million contemporary Egyptians, and is understood across most Arabic speaking countries. Arabic was brought to Egypt during the Muslim conquest in the seventh century, and the Egyptian dialect, which developed in the Nile Delta area around Cairo, was influenced by the indigenous Coptic language, and later by other languages such as Turkish, Italian, French, and English.

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