About Us

Audio-Forum started as an audio-recording production house for the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Service Institute before becoming the first publisher of FSI foreign language courses for the general public. For 40 years, Audio-Forum has been the original and most trusted source for Foreign Service Institute study courses. In addition to FSI courses, Audio-Forum also offers more quality full-length foreign language-learning programs in more languages. We have over 500 titles across over 60 different languages, plus a range of foreign language software and audio titles from our publisher imprints, Selectsoft and Selectmedia. Over the years, countless customers have confidently learned a new language with Audio-Forum foreign language courses.

For over 20 years, MPS has been committed to educational publishing—especially foreign language learning. We hold very high standards when it comes to publishing, presentation and packaging. Besides offering Audio-Forum in the familiar Book, CD Audio, CD Audio/Book, MP3 Audio, MP3 Audio/Book and DVD formats, we are also expanding the Audio-Forum line to CD-ROMs, MP3 downloads, and PC downloads. We’ve updated the packaging and digitally re-mastered audio to make the Audio-Forum foreign language courses an even better value than ever. And of course, Audio-Forum remains the gold standard for FSI courses, providing additional content, professionally printed books, quality packaging, and a fantastic overall foreign language learning experience.

Founded in the 1970s, Audio-Forum is a division of MPS Multimedia Inc., a privately-held consumer software company in business since 1992. MPS Multimedia acquired the Audio-Forum trademark and the foreign language courses published under the Audio-Forum imprint.

Years of development, testing, and actual use have proven the effectiveness of the Language/30 method. Edited by famed linguist Charles Berlitz, this course is a quick, highly condensed introduction to easy-to-remember words and phrases covering virtually every situation.

Selectmedia® is a DVD, Audio & Music publisher imprint featuring titles that include Language Learning, Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Business Help, Motivational, Classical Music, Classical Music  and Contemporary Music. Selectmedia® brands include: “How to…” on DVD, Kid Science DVDs, “Travel to…on DVD”, Dreamscapes DVDs, Quickstart Language Audio, Speak & Learn Audio, “Heard Before Classical Hits” and “Relaxation Music”. 

Teaching Ink Books started with a simple mission – for teachers to create innovative teaching material for teachers. All Teaching Ink authors are classroom teachers teaching grades from K-8th, some still teaching and some retired. With over 50 titles in print, we’ve made a great effort for Teaching Ink Books to match the grade levels our teachers teach with the grade levels of the books they have authored. K-12 Subject Areas include:Arts, English Language Arts and Math. Grades Taught include: PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th. 

Established in 1992, MPS Multimedia, Inc. is the corporate owner of various publisher lines. We’re the content owner of SELECTSOFT® SELECTMEDIA®, AUDIO-FORUM® & LANGUAGE/30® and TEACHING INK BOOKS. We’re one of the largest micro-publishers of CD-ROM software, DVD Video, Audio CDs, Books & Foreign Language Courses. We have a deep catalog of over 1000 titles marketed under many brands. With a deep catalog we’ve perfected micro-publishing by using on-demand printing as fulfillment. This ensures that all of our products remain in print. SELECTSOFT® and SELECTSOFT PUBLISHING® are registered trademarks of MPS Multimedia Inc. (USPTO registered #s 4477820 & 3934342). SELECTMEDIA® is a registered trademark of MPS Multimedia Inc. (USPTO registered # 3279659). AUDIO-FORUM® is a registered trademark of MPS Multimedia Inc. (USPTO registered #s 4477824 & 3362095). LANGUAGE/30® is a registered trademark of MPS Multimedia Inc. (USPTO registered # 4929968). All Teaching Ink Copyrights are property of  MPS Multimedia Inc. All Rights Reserved.

If you are shopping for our products for sale on eBay, please look for our official eBay Store: Planet-Deals eBay Store. Planet-Deals is the official eBay Store for SELECTSOFT® SELECTMEDIA®, AUDIO-FORUM® & LANGUAGE/30® and TEACHING INK BOOKS. Only Planet-Deals exclusively offers AUDIO-FORUM® & LANGUAGE/30® on eBay.