Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

One of the most satisfying aspects of our business is receiving comments from customers telling us how they enjoyed our language programs or appreciated our service. When such comments come in, they really make our day. Here are some we'd like to share with you:

"Ever since I entered the wine trade ... it has been my ambition to visit the great chateaux of Bordeaux. ... It seemed obvious to me that learning the language would help, but my college French had given me reading knowledge only. With the aid of a little hard work, a great deal of persistence, and your Basic French Parts A and B, I was able to develop my French to the point where I got along fine in Bordeaux. ... I was able to eat and shop where the natives went, and saved a great deal of money. ... So my long-planned trip was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. I thank you for your part in it. After the first of the year I'll have time to increase my proficiency in French, and will order the next series. Come to think of it, it would really be helpful if I knew some Spanish, and my German's rusty..." — William Arnold, St. Helena, CA

"I ordered a Scots Gaelic course from you, which I learned about from a Gaelic newspaper. Having become quite proficient in Gaelic, I'm going to be ordering an Italian language course soon, but would like a catalog just in case I decide to learn two more languages instead of just one." — Gary MacDonnell, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

"The Cultural Center provides administrative support to the council of elders, and language preservation is vital to our restoration of traditions and culture. Your Apache course recordings are excellent starting points for beginners." — Lorene Willis, Director, Jicarilla Cultural Center, Dulce, NM

"I am enjoying the lessons so much.... I am confident when I have completed the course [Swedish] I will be able to converse with our Swedish cousins when I visit their homeland." — Dolores Forsman, Oxnard, CA

"I inherited your fabulous Spanish course.... I have been exposed to many Spanish courses in the past 20 years and by far yours is tops. Is there a more advanced course? If so, I would be very interested. I have struggled with Spanish for many years, even married my Spanish teacher, but your course is getting the results I have been hoping for." — Lee Pickard, Scottsdale, AZ

"Your Portuguese course actually works. I was able to converse reasonably easily from the time we got off the plane. I could talk to my Brazilian friends, read newspapers, bargain for mangos.... I was so pleased that I decided to order your Thai course to prepare for next spring's trip to southern Thailand." — Kevin Rooney, Tokyo, Japan

"I want to let you know how astonished and delighted I was by your immediate and detailed response to my letter.... I don't think I've ever been treated so well." — Linda Hartman, Washington, DC

"German I and II are absolutely marvelous! Couldn't you get this system into the high schools? The youngsters would love it." — Margaret Cotton, Sierra Blanca, TX

"I did well with the Basic Spanish that I ordered from you last year. The recordings are marvelous. Now I find that I need to know French.... Send me the Basic French." — Natalie Topiol, Kittery Point, ME

"My Italian husband loves the Italian course! It was a Christmas surprise present." — Gertrude Fornera, Sacramento, CA

"Many thanks for the Hebrew course recently received. It is by far the best and most effective course I have seen, and I have tried every course available from Israel, the USA and England." — T. Harland, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

"Your Medical Spanish course has been incredibly useful! My ability to work with patients has trebled. None of the classic courses that I studied in the past remotely approximate the courses that you offer; I should not be surprised to find yours the standard of academic fare in the future. I do not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone who asks how I managed to learn Spanish so well in such a short time." — Charles Ayers, M.D., Oakhurst, CA

"I recently received your program for learning the Korean language as a gift. I love it! I cannot say enough good things about this program. It is excellent". — Leslie Kay Norman, Santa Ana, CA

"It's a pleasure to conduct business with someone who stands behind their product, and I will continue to recommend your products." — Willard Hudson, Orange, TX

"A month ago I ordered your German Vol. 1. It is a great way to learn. As a teacher myself, I appreciate the value of a 'teacher' who is with the student anytime, and has unlimited patience to repeat anything the student doesn't understand." — Richard Jarman, Falls Church, VA

"I think your Modern Spoken Italian Part B is the best home-study language course I've ever seen." — Jack Jones, Los Angeles, CA

"The French Part B course has been absolutely invaluable thus far. As I am now in the habit of doing my French lesson while jogging, the program not only fits easily into my day but also provides an added incentive to keep an exercise routine even when I'm feeling lazy." — Darlene Varaleau, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"The whole thing [Basic French] is just tremendous. It's a marvelous course.... With so many members in the family trying to learn French, another textbook would be most helpful." — Mildred Stambach, Mechanicsburg, PA

"How excited we are to be picking up yet another language thanks to you! Our sincerest appreciation for all the products you offer." — Kimberly Ann Wagner, Houston, TX

What LANGUAGE/30™ users say:

"LANGUAGE/30™ is the best I've tried…and the best value for the money."

"Finally, a language course that really works!"

"I could study the language on the plane and step off the plane speaking the language."

"This covers 95% of what I need, day to day, to get by.…And LANGUAGE/30™ has done you a big favor by boiling down to only what is necessary!"