Savvy Traveler German Food & Dining (Download)

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A fast, easy, effective way to learn the German you need while dining!

The Savvy Traveler is the ideal method to learn the German that will help you maximize your enjoyment of the acclaimed food and drink of Germany and the neighboring regions. Whether you're dining in a modest cafe, a Bierstube in Bavaria, a country inn in the Vienna woods, or even in a restaurant frequented by the rich and famous in New York, you'll know the appropriate words and phrases to make yourself understood. You can communicate effectively and order with poise in nearly any dining place where German is spoken when you use Savvy Traveler.

MP3 Audio + PDF Booklet*

Over 280 essential words and phrases, including:
* Restaurant Basics, Dinner Menu
* Sausages, Soups, Cheeses
* Meat, Poultry, and Game
* Fish and Shellfish
* Cooking Methods
* Vegetables
* Alcoholic Beverages and Wine Regions
* After-Dinner Drinks
* Fruits, Breakfast, Cakes and Pastries
* Historical and Regional Notes on Food

*Printable booklet in PDF format (requires computer with a PDF viewer such as Adobe® Reader).