Basic Course Mongolian (7 CDs/Book)

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An Introductory Course in Learning Mongolian!

Authored by John G. Hangin, Indiana University

For Beginners

Basic Course in Mongolian was created to provide essential knowledge of the structure of the language and a vocabulary sufficient to make practical use of both spoken and written Mongolian. It teaches the Khalka dialect, which is the standard written language in Mongolia, and uses the Cyrillic alphabet. The 24 units include sentences based on specific situations and notes explaining certain cultural features or idioms. Notes on Pronunciation are provided for the first three units where the phonetic system is discussed. Notes on Grammar explain grammatical features and drills provide practice with substitution, translation, and conversation. Short narrative material helps to develop proficiency in reading modern Mongolian writing.

About the Language
Mongolian is the official language of Mongolia and best-known member of the Mongolic language family. It encompasses several dialects and is spoken by an estimated 5.2 million people, mostly in Mongolia, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and some of the adjacent areas of China. The Khalka dialect, written with the Cyrillic alphabet, is predominant in Mongolia, while in Inner Mongolia dialects are more diverse and the traditional Mongolian script is used.

* 5.6 hours of audio, 24 units
* 208-page text
* Greetings and basic sentences
* Classroom expressions
* Numbers and dates
* Weather and seasons
* Shopping
* Asking directions
* In a restaurant
* A visit
* Sports
* Telephone call
* Doctor's visit
* Family and relatives