Branche Entre Nous 2 - French Informal Idioms (CD/Book)

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Intermediate Course

Developed by Colette Crosnier, a native Parisian teacher of French

Contemporary Idiomatic French in Real-Life Situations

Visitors to France cannot fail to notice that the gap between formal and informal language, and between spoken and written language, is wider in French than any other language. Modern authors and speakers have been asserting their rights to use more vivid expressions in their writing and conversation. The Académie Française, a governing body founded in 1635 to standardize French, has been slow to approve a multitude of words and idioms that are in common use.
Volume 2 of this intermediate level listening-comprehension program continues to explore the informal idioms and colorful expressions of "français branché" used every day by French speakers of all ages. The program uses the informal "tu" form of address and presents examples of contemporary idiomatic French in various situations. The accompanying book provides transcripts of the dialogs and translations into both academic French and English. The material is rich in preposterous sayings and amusing analogies!

* 50 minutes of audio, 12 lessons
* 70-page text
* Comparison dialogs in academic French and branché
* Invitation to dinner
* An American in Paris
* The photo album
* Long live the car
* To the movies
* Back from vacation
* High fashion
* Good health
* The super psychic
* The landlord
* Gossips II
* Glossary and translations of dialogs

About the Language
French is a Romanic language, one of a group of languages descended from Latin. It is the official language in 29 countries, and is spoken from France to the islands of Tahiti. With over 100 million speakers, it is an important international language, and is considered by many to be the language of diplomats and theorizers.

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