Easy Gift Wrapping

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Beautiful gifts...the easy way!

How many times have you heard that "it's the thought that counts"? This is especially true when it comes to gifts...even a simple gift, thoughtfully presented, can bring special joy to the recipient as well as to the giver. Easy Gift Wrapping is a beautiful video guide to incredible gift wrapping, including:

o What you need to know about paper and fabric
o The different tools for special effects
o Basic and advanced techniques for boxes, cylinders, baskets, and bags

FORMAT: Color, full-frame, stereo sound, NTSC
APPROX. RUNTIME: 36 minutes
ENCODING: All regions
RATING: Unrated
OTHER FEATURES: Interactive menus

This DVD is compatible with all NTSC players.

Use of this product is for educational purposes only. Graphics and Pictures shown on DVD packaging may not appear in this DVD video.