Easy Piano (Download)

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Step-by-step video lessons

Covers all the basics a beginner needs to know

Have you ever wished you could play the piano, but didn't know where to start? Easy Piano is the answer. Just follow along with the step-by-step personal lessons, and you'll be playing tunes for your friends in no time.

o Easy-to-use lesson menus
o Expert demonstrations
o Demonstration of correct technique by an expert
o Lessons & tunes at basic & advanced levels
o Learn by ear or use guide to reading music
o Pieces & chords to practice
o Step-by-step video lessons
o Easy-to-follow, close-up views of both hands

Use of this product is for educational purposes only. Graphics and Pictures shown on packaging may not appear in this video.

FORMAT: Color, full-frame, stereo sound, MP4
APPROX. RUNTIME: 25 minutes
Download Size: 135 MB