Easy Way to Kurdish (2 CDs/Book)

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The Easy Way to Learn Kurdish!

For Beginners

This brief basic course is designed to give you words, phrases, and sentences useful for everyday conversation, whether traveling or working in Kurdistan. Developed by Soraya Mofty, a director of the Kurdish National Congress of North America, this course is in Surani (Sorani) dialect, which is spoken by 10 to 12 million people and can be understood by many other Kurdish speakers.
The audio and text lessons in Easy Way to Kurdish feature the language as it is spoken in everyday situations. While no specific order has to be followed, it is a good idea to begin with common phrases that are frequently used, personal and demonstrative pronouns, and numbers, as most other sections will require some of this information. The material presents a variety of common sentence structures, such as nominal sentences, is/are sentences, and verbal sentences. Mastery of these structures will give you a basis for reproducing similar structures as you expand your vocabulary.

* 1.5 hours of audio
* 16 units
* 47-page text
* Kurdistan historical background
* Romanized Kurdish alphabet
* General vocabulary
* Phrases and expressions
* Greetings
* Simple statements
* Pronouns
* Travel
* Numbers
* Shopping
* Telling time
* Food and drink
* People
* Hotel/lodging
* Doctor's visit
* Weather and date
* Colors

About the Language
Kurdish encompasses a group Western Iranian languages spoken by 30 to 40 million people, primarily in an area spanning adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, a geo-cultural region often referred to as Kurdistan. The two most widely used dialects are Kurmanji in the northern regions and Sorani in the east and south. Different dialects may not be mutually intelligible. Sorani is the second official language of Iraq, while the recognized minority language in Armenia is Kurmanji, which is also spoken in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. A variety of alphabets is used for written Kurdish.

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