Easy Way to Latvian (12 CDs/Book)

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The Easy Way to Learn Latvian!

Learning a language is easy. Everyone in the world has done it. On the other hand, learning a "foreign" language seems much harder. The easiest way to learn a second language is the same way you learned your first language — by speaking it. For that reason an audio course such as Easy Way to Latvian provides practice in both speaking and listening comprehension.

The lessons feature the Latvian language as it is spoken in everyday situations. The audio and text dialogs use a vocabulary of approximately 1,250 words, and provide you with phrases and sentences that can be memorized easily and used in actual conversations. You'll assimilate correct grammatical forms by listening and repeating. In each lesson, additional vocabulary is given, and the most basic and necessary grammatical points are explained in the sections following the conversations. Also included are exercises to test your understanding of Latvian and a supplemental unit on grammar, for additional help with comprehension.

* 10.8 hours of audio, 24 lessons
* 283-page text
* Latvian history
* Language
* Alphabet
* Greetings
* Getting acquainted
* Residence
* Do you speak Latvian?
* Food and dining
* At a party
* Time and date
* Weather
* Telephone
* Hobbies
* Family
* Going places
* School
* At camp
* Athletics
* Illness
* At a concert
* Shopping
* Friendship and love

About the Language
Latvian (latviešu valoda), sometimes referred to as Lettish, belongs to Baltic language family and is closely related to Lithuanian, although they are not mutually intelligible. It is the official state language of Latvia, with about 1.3 million native speakers in Latvia and another 100,000 in emigrant communities. The Latin alphabet is used for writing. Use of the Latvian language diminished for some years, but since the re-establishment of Latvia's independence the language is once again flourishing.

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