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Volume 1

A Beginners Course to Learn Finnish!

Developed by Maija-Hellikki Aaltio, Helsinki University

Finnish for Foreigners 1 is a practical introductory-level course designed to teach the fundamentals of spoken and written Finnish, including basic structure and vocabulary, colloquial usage, and essential points of grammar. Topics emphasize spoken language in practical situations, and feature Finnish dialogs with idiomatic English translations and a variety of exercises with instructions in English.
The course includes three books accompanied by 7.6 hours of audio recorded by native speakers. The Main Textbook contains the dialogs and primary instruction. The Oral Drills book provides structural and vocabulary drills, and the Exercises book includes structural exercises, drills, vocabulary review, listening comprehension exercises, topics for short compositions, and reading.

* 7.6 hours of audio, 40 lessons
* 236-page text (Main Textbook), 286-page text (Exercises Book), 78-page text (Oral Drills Book)
* Chapters consist of 3 parts: dialog, structural notes, vocabulary
* Greetings and expressions
* Money and numbers
* Where do you live?
* Neighbors
* Food and dining
* Travel and transportation
* Making appointments
* Telephone conversation
* Family talk
* Shopping
* Invitations
* Seasons and weather
* Looking at Helsinki

About the Language
Finnish is spoken by about 5 million people in Finland and the surrounding countries. It is one of the two official languages of Finland and an official minority language in the Republic of Karelia and in Sweden, where both standard Finnish and the Meänkieli dialect are spoken. The closely related Kven language is spoken in Northern Norway. Finnish incorporates numerous words adopted from other languages such as Swedish, Russian, and English.

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