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Intermediate Level

French Expressions and Practices for the Business World!

Business French, like business English, is a somewhat specialized idiom with many expressions that are not normally used in everyday conversation. French for Business can benefit advanced learners as well as those just starting to study French. One semester of college French, or the equivalent, is all you need to get started.

French for Business is designed to help you acquire language patterns and to practice manipulating phrases in a natural way, by ear. By hearing and imitating the recorded voices of native speakers, you'll learn quickly and develop more accurate pronunciation. The grammar review at the end of the course provides a brief refresher covering major grammatical forms including verb conjugation, irregular verbs, tenses, and questions.

* 5.25 Hours of Audio, 11 Lessons
* Business Travel: customs, car rental, cashing a check, asking directions
* Hotel: check-in, wake-up calls, laundry
* Phone Calls: telephone expressions, leaving a message, dealing with a bad connection
* Visiting a Subsidiary: job titles, company sites
* Bright Economic Outlook: merger, good market conditions, automation, unions
* Hard Times: cost problems, lagging profits, relocation
* Marketing and Advertising: market studies, buying trends, advertising
* Making Contacts/Trade Show: registering, meeting people, learning about products, asking for information
* Negotiating a Deal: credit, reductions, terms of payment
* Importing and Exporting: packing, shipping, insurance, documents
* Dining Out: drinks, lunch, gourmet dinner, social conversation
* Basic Cultural Information, Expressions for Emergencies
* Grammar Review
* French-English and English-French Glossary

Developed by Professor Anita Linke

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