Gaelic Made Easy (4 CDs/Books)

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For Beginners

A Comprehensive Course to Learn Scottish Gaelic!

Developed in Glasgow by John M. Paterson

First published by the Gaelic League of Scotland, Gaelic Made Easy comprises 43 lessons divided among four booklets, each accompanied by audio recorded by native speakers. The lessons begin with an interesting section covering grammatical usage, and include vocabulary and readings in Gaelic. This method makes communication in Gaelic much easier than usual. English translations are given at the end of each lesson unit, and a Gaelic-English glossary is also included.

* 3.9 hours of audio, 43 lesson units
* 42-page text (book 1), 54-page text (book 2), 60-page text (book 3), 82-page text (book 4)
* Introduction to Gaelic
* Sound table, pronunciation notes
* General conversation
* Greetings and expressions
* House and home
* Family matters
* Weather
* Food and cooking
* Sickness and health
* Clothing
* Identifiers
* In town
* On a farm
* Occupations and professions
* Descriptors
* Activities
* Holidays and seasons
* Travel
* Family relationships
* Time and date
* Numbers and measurements

About the Language
Scottish Gaelic, often simply called Gaelic (Gàidhlig), is a Celtic language native to Scotland. Like Modern Irish and Manx, Scottish Gaelic emerged from Middle Irish, and thus ultimately descended from Old Irish. Gaelic is classed as an Indigenous Language under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, and has about 57,000 speakers, primarily in Scotland, with scattered communities in Canada and elsewhere. Efforts to revive the language are being made.

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