Heard Before Classical Hits: Greig Vol.1

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Classical Music for Everyone

Edvard Grieg

Ever wonder who composed that tune you've heard before? Even if we were not aware of it, all of us grew up listening to classical music in cartoons, movies, and other settings. With our new series, Heard Before Classical Hits, you'll be sure to recognize the relaxing, uplifting, and beautiful classical music we're all familiar with. Enjoy!

Piano Music á Peer Gynt Suite Nos. 1 & 2

Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46
Siberian Symphony Orchestra
Alexander Sergeev, Conductor, 1967
o Morning Mood 3:16
o Anitra's Dance 3:41
o In the Hall of the Mountain King 2:31
o Arabian Dance 4:09
o Song of Solveig 5:51

Holberg Suite for Strings in G, Op. 40
Siberian Symphony Orchestra
Alexander Sergeev, Conductor, 1967
o Aria 5:15
o Norwegian Dance 2:34

Peer Gynt Suite No. 2, Op. 55
Saratov Conservatory Symphony Orchestra
Sergei Riabinin, Conductor, 1978
o I: Memnon's Figure 2:54
o II: At the Wedding 4:22
o III: The Abduction of the Bride 4:37
o IV: La Mort d'Ase 5:48
o V: Peer Gynt's Journey Home 2:54

Piano Music
Inna Spiridonova, Piano, 1984
o Folk Song 1:26
o Notturno 4:42
o To Spring 2:15
o March of the Dwarfs 3:02

Total Time: 59:17