Icelandic Conversations (4 CDs/Book)

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Practical Everyday Icelandic Conversations!

Intended for those who already have a basic knowledge of Icelandic to improve their conversational skills, Icelandic Conversations is specially designed to provide practice with dialogs in everyday situations such as dining, shopping, chatting with friends, sightseeing, and getting around the city. Includes an extensive Icelandic-English glossary for quick reference.

Subjects Include
* Conversation Basics
* Asking for Directions
* Greetings and Introductions
* Shopping
* Dining
* Numbers
* On the Street
* In a Restaurant
* Company Over for Dinner
* At Home
* City Tour
* Telephone Conversations
* Small Talk
* The Weather
* Help with Moving
* Meeting for Dinner and a Date
* After the Dinner Date — Movies or Dancing?
* About the Family

Developed by Kenneth G. Chapman, Erla Trygvadottir, and Pétur Pétursson