Jicarilla Apache (4 CDs/Book)

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Master the Rare Jicarilla Apache Language!

For Beginners

This basic course in Jicarilla Apache covers vocabulary and sentence structures used in everyday Apache conversation. Twenty-one lessons encompass pronunciation, dialogs, grammar explanations, and exercises for review and practice. The pronunciation guide presents all the sounds of the language in a format designed to facilitate learning, with simplified as well as technical explanations of how Jicarilla sounds are formed.

Throughout the text, selected passages compare Jicarilla Apache with Mescalero Apache, Western Apache, and Navajo. Cultural notes on Apache folkways, humor, taboos, and idiomatic usage are also included.

Authored by linguist Alan Wilson with Rita V. Martine, native speaker of Jicarilla Apache

* 4.25 hours of audio, 150-page text, 21 lessons
* Introductory questions and useful phrases
* General dialogs and vocabulary
* Seasons, months, days of the week
* Foods
* Kinship
* Humor and taboos
* Animals, trees, and plants
* Shapes, sizes, and textures
* Verb paradigms

About the Language
Jicarilla, or Abáchii miizaa, the language of the Jicarilla Apache people of northern New Mexico, is part of the Southern Athabaskan language family, which also includes other Apache languages and Navajo. The language is considered severely endangered, with about 300 remaining first-language speakers and an equal or greater number of semi-speakers. Efforts to revitalize the language are underway, with the Jicarilla Apache Nation being one of the first to take advantage of a new teaching certificate that enables community members to be certified to teach a Native American language.

ISBN: 1-62392-176-7

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