Kid Science: Worm Dissection (Download)

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A science lab at home!

Ages 9 & Up

Want to learn all about worms? Just consult Kid Science! This video offers a whole new way to study how an earthworm's body works. Video and narration capture the dissection experience without all the smell and mess. You can also follow the step- by-step video instructions to perform your own worm dissection.

o Includes detailed descriptions with video of the external anatomy and major internal organs of an earthworm
o Covers important terms and basic dissection techniques
o A handy guide to dissection tools, how to care for them and use them safely

Use of this product is for educational purposes only. Graphics and Pictures shown on packaging may not appear in this video.

FORMAT: Color, full-frame, stereo sound, MP4
APPROX. RUNTIME: 21 minutes
Download Size: 100 MB