Let's Speak Mohawk (MP3/PDF)

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Kanyen'kéha Tewatiati! (Let's Speak Mohawk!)

For Beginners

Authored by David Kanatawakhan Maracle

This beginning-level course in conversational Mohawk covers the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar you need to communicate in everyday situations. It's designed to help you acquire correct pronunciation and essential grammatical structures from the beginning. The sooner you are introduced to certain aspects of Mohawk grammar, the sooner you can acquire conversational use of the language.
The audio that accompanies the text provides accurate pronunciation of all the Mohawk used in the program. In addition, each Mohawk entry is accompanied by a pronunciation key in syllable form. The written Mohawk uses the Standard script, which presents the language in a clean and aesthetic fashion, making use of diacritics only when grammatically necessary.

* 2.8 hours of audio, 109-page text, 3 parts
* Sounds of Mohawk
* Pronunciation
* Nouns and adjectives
* Verbs and pronouns
* Oral, nasal, and semi-vowels
* Consonants, aspirates, and glottals
* Vowel and consonant combinations
* Use of diacritics, accent and stress
* Introductions, dialogue and greetings

ISBN: 1-62392-179-1

About the Language
Mohawk is an Iroquoian language spoken by around 3,500 people of the Mohawk Nation in the United States and Canada (centered around the Mohawk River valley in New York State, Ontario, and Quebec). The language encompasses three main dialects, differing mostly in pronunciation, which arose from the major historical divisions of Mohawk territory. Today it is the only one of the Northern Iroquoian languages with more than 1,000 speakers remaining, and efforts are being made to revitalize the language.

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