Medical Navajo (CD/Book)

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For Beginners

Introductory Navajo for Health Care Providers

By Alan Wilson

Medical Navajo is an elementary course for doctors, nurses, and other health care providers who wish or need to communicate on a basic level about medical matters with Navajo speakers. It is not a complete course in medical parlance, but a beginning. It is most effectively used in conjunction with Breakthrough Navajo, an introductory Navajo course by Audio-Forum®. Each section contains dialogs, vocabulary, questions and instructions, grammar explanations, and notes. Topics range from childhood ailments to psychiatric problems.
This program was developed by Alan Wilson, formerly Professor of Navajo Language at the University of New Mexico, Gallup Branch, with the assistance of physicians and native Navajo speakers.

* 1 hour of audio, 126-page text, 12 units
* Navajo sound system
* Anatomical terms
* Sickness and ailments dialogues
* Bodily injury dialogues
* Pregnancy and menstrual period dialogues
* Infections and pain dialogues

ISBN: 1-62392-202-X

About the Language
Navajo is a language of the Southern Athabaskan branch of the Na-Dené family, which also includes several Apache languages. It is one of the most widely spoken Native American languages, with almost 170,000 native speakers, primarily in the Southwestern United States, especially the Navajo Nation area of northern Arizona and New Mexico and southern Utah and Colorado.

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