Navajo Place Names (CD/Book)

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An Observer's Guide

Compiled and written by Alan Wilson with Gene Dennison, Navajo consultant
Foreword by N. Scott Momaday

In the traditions of the Navajo people, there are names for notable rocks, trees, creeks, canyons — in general, almost every spot. Alan Wilson, formerly Professor of Navajo Language at the Gallup Branch, University of New Mexico, has compiled this collection illustrating the most widely known names, those most often encountered in everyday Navajo discourse.
They have been gathered from Navajo sheepherders, ranchers, hitchhikers, and from other encounters with Navajos around the far reaches of Navajo country, as well as from the extant literature. Navajo place names may be arbitrarily categorized into names with verbs and those without verbs.

* 53 minutes of audio, 100-page text
* Various types of Navajo place names
* Natural phenomena, motion or movement-implied place names
* Fixed natural formations or entity place names
* Human-made entity place names
* Historical place names
* Mythological place names
* Person place names
* Animal place names

ISBN: 1-62392-180-5

About the Language
Navajo is a language of the Southern Athabaskan branch of the Na-Dené family, which also includes several Apache languages. It is one of the most widely spoken Native American languages, with almost 170,000 native speakers, primarily in the Southwestern United States, especially the Navajo Nation area of northern Arizona and New Mexico and southern Utah and Colorado.

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