No Time French 1 (7 CDs)

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Learn by Listening! Speak French in No Time!

No Time to Study a Language? No Problem!
The No-Time Language Method uses a unique "listen and understand" technique, which lets you naturally absorb vocabulary, grammatical usage, and conversational style through continued listening and repetition. You can learn by listening while driving, cooking, gardening, walking, exercising — just about anywhere!
The No-Time Method was developed by well-known writer and language expert A.E. Van Vogt, author of 46 books. This proven method has been helping people learn new languages for over 30 years.

No-Time courses offer deep introductory-level programs featuring conversation, speaking, and vocabulary. Master the basics of a language for travel or business using contemporary sentences that go beyond a simplistic level, with extensive vocabulary and conversation practice. Plus, the course includes an explanation of the language's structure and grammar. Before you know it, you'll acquire vocabulary and comprehend sentence structure just by hearing it — it works!

* Level 1
* 7.25 hours of audio
* Greetings and introductions, travel and customs, hotel and transportation
* Origins of French, pronunciation tips, conversational basics
* Business introductions, food and dining
* General vocabulary, numbers, alphabetical and word association
* Verb forms, conjugations, past participles, action terms
* Plurals, pronouns, past, present, and future tense
* Essential grammar, spelling, and literal translations