Pastoral Spanish (12 CDs/Books)

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Essential Spanish for Pastors and Priests!

Developed by Rev. Romuald Zantúa and Prof. Karen Eberle-McCarthy

Learn the essentials of Spanish and the specialized vocabulary and expressions needed for celebrating the Mass, conducting conversations on pastoral subjects, and developing homilies. Native Latin-American Spanish speakers guide the audio instruction with pauses for repetition and responses, helping to develop pronunciation and listening comprehension and provide patterns for preaching. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required.
Pastoral Spanish includes two books. Volume 1 covers basic and intermediate grammar. Volume 2 expands on this foundation, building a pastoral vocabulary for preaching to and communicating with Spanish-speaking parishioners. Topics chosen for the homilies correspond to events during the year that seem to have the greatest appeal for Latin-American congregations in the United States.

* 12.1 hours of audio, 11 chapters
* 148-page text for Volume 1, 112-page text for Volume 2
* Guide to Spanish pronunciation
* Grammar exercises
* Baptism
* La Quinceañera (Sweet 15)
* Wedding
* A happy occasion: The New Year
* A sad occasion: sickness and death
* Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter
* Christmas Eve, Christmas

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