Prevent Arthritis & Rheumatism (Download)

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Learn to manipulate joints to prevent problems & relieve pain

Prevent & control arthritis & rheumatism!

Whether you currently suffer from joint pain and are looking for a drug-free treatment, or are healthy and simply want to avoid developing joint problems in the future, joint manipulation methods can be an easy and effective way to treat and prevent joint problems. Even with no prior training or experience, you can learn to safely and correctly manipulate joints with these easy-to-follow video demonstrations.

o Lessens existing joint pain
o Easy, drug-free treatment
o Prevents the onset of joint problems

Use of this product is for educational purposes only. Graphics and Pictures shown on packaging may not appear in this video.

FORMAT: Color, full-frame, stereo sound, MP4
APPROX. RUNTIME: 36 minutes
Download Size: 258 MB