Prevent Stress with Reflexology

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Improve your well-being!

Learn to manipulate & massage your feet to relieve stress

Enjoy better health and well-being through reflexology!

With reflexology, you can learn to influence your overall health by massaging and manipulating your feet. Step-by-step video demonstrations are combined with fascinating tips and notes, to help you better understand and learn each technique. Reduce stress, fatigue, pain and more!

o Stress
o Fatigue
o Headaches
o Arthritic Pain
o Insomnia
o Depression
o Digestive Ailments
o Back Pain...and more!

FORMAT: Color, full-frame, stereo sound, NTSC
APPROX. RUNTIME: 60 minutes
ENCODING: All regions
RATING: Unrated
OTHER FEATURES: Interactive menus

This DVD is compatible with all NTSC players.

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