Shoot Photography Like a Pro! (Download)

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An easy-to-use video guide

o Professional tips and techniques
o Video demonstrations

Learn the secrets behind taking eye-catching photos!

Discover professional photography secrets you can use to create beautiful portraits, stunning landscapes, and more! Follow along with the instructional video as an experienced pro photographer shows you how to greatly improve the quality of your photography using simple materials and straightforward techniques. Learn to understand the subtle effects of light and composition that can transform an ordinary snapshot into an incredible photo. Whether you're a professional looking to polish your style, or an amateur hoping to expand your skills, Shoot Photography Like a Pro! offers a wealth of tips and information to help you take striking, professional-quality photos!

Topics Include:
o Light Ratios
o Exposure
o Fabric Detail
o Brides
o Portraits
o Strong Contrasts
o Tri-Filters
o Lens Cleaning
...and more!

Use of this product is for educational purposes only. Graphics and Pictures shown on packaging may not appear in this video.

FORMAT: Color, full-frame, stereo sound, MP4
APPROX. RUNTIME: 81 minutes
Download Size: 411 MB