Spanish Flash Cards with Winko Teddy Bear (CD/Flash Cards)

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Learn Spanish with Flash Cards and Audio!

Audio CD + 76 Illustrated Flash Cards

For Children 3–8 Years

Winko Teddy Bear introduces children 3–8 years old — and their parents — to the Spanish language with 76 illustrated flash cards depicting familiar action situations. Plus, there's a CD containing a dramatic story in English about Winko's adventures, along with spoken Spanish for all the words on the flash cards. It's an effective and fun way to learn vocabulary.

The flash cards are designed to be a fluid, immersive experience. The front of each card shows only the Spanish noun or verb. The back of the card expands the concept.

Learn Essential Spanish Words, Including:
* Furniture
* Human Anatomy
* Clothing
* Table Utensils
* Numbers
* Action Verbs