Spanish for Police and Firefighters (5CDs/Book)

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Spanish for Police & Firefighters

Essential Spanish for Police and Firefighters!

This practical course is designed to teach basic phrases and specialized terminology needed to communicate with Spanish-speaking people in a variety of human-services situations. Spanish for Police & Firefighters offers an extensive selection of practical questions and expressions for use in talking with Spanish speakers. It also contains a glossary for quick reference to common emergency and law enforcement terms, and an introduction to basic Spanish pronunciation and grammar.

[First bullet point varies by version]
* 4 hours of audio, 82-page quick reference book
* Asking questions, conducting interviews
* Time of day, weights and measures
* Personal description, parts of the body
* Clothing
* Wounds and fractures, first aid
* Weapons and tools
* Fires and fire prevention
* Automobiles and drunk driving
* Narcotics and drug slang
* Arrests and the Miranda law
* Police reports: auto theft
* Assault, burglary
* Missing persons report