Speak Navajo (2 CDs/Book)

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An Intermediate Navajo Course

Developed by Alan Wilson with the assistance of native Navajo speakers

Intended for people who already have some command of basic Navajo structures and lexicon, this course encompasses expanded vocabulary and verb usage in all forms and tenses, and develops further conversational proficiency around themes of importance in Navajo life and culture.

This self-study program was developed by Alan Wilson, formerly Professor of Navajo Language at the University of New Mexico, Gallup Branch, with the assistance of native Navajo speakers. Parts of the recording were done in the field rather than in a professional studio, so there are background noises in the audio that cannot be eliminated. The voices of the speakers, however, are clear and authentic.

* 1.8 hours of audio, 180-page text, 12 units
* Navajo sound system
* Navajo modes and tenses
* Dialogs with narrative, questions about narrative
* Idiomatic expressions
* Navajo arts terms
* Vocabulary exercises
* Grammatical principles
* Verb paradigms
* Changing verb tenses, pattern exercises

ISBN: 1-62392-204-6

About the Language
Navajo is a language of the Southern Athabaskan branch of the Na-Dené family, which also includes several Apache languages. It is one of the most widely spoken Native American languages, with almost 170,000 native speakers, primarily in the Southwestern United States, especially the Navajo Nation area of northern Arizona and New Mexico and southern Utah and Colorado.

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