Spoken Hindi (5 CDs/Book)

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Hindi for Intermediate Speakers!

Developed by Surendra K. Gambhir, University of Pennsylvania

Designed for people who already have a basic command of both spoken and written Hindi, this intermediate-level self-study course emphasizes natural conversation and includes idioms, humor, and cultural information. You'll develop linguistic skills for use in real world situations by becoming familiar with sentence structure, proper intonation, and important points of grammar.
The 20 lessons build on each other, with words, phrases, and functions repeated in different contexts. Build-up Drills help you recognize the core of a sentence's structure and expand upon it. The text, which is written mostly in Hindi, includes a glossary, grammatical and cultural notes, and practice activities.

* 4.85 hours of audio, 20 lessons
* 146-page text
* Conversations
* Intonation drills
* Build-up drills
* Grammatical and cultural activities
* Practice activities
* Shopping
* Getting to know someone
* Friendly talk about weather
* Extending an invitation
* Friendly debate
* Welcoming a friend
* Hospitality
* Giving compliments
* Hiring a tonga
* Negotiating a price
* Interaction with service personnel
* Friendly talk between students
* Friendly advice
* Making plans
* Getting directions
* Small talk with children
* Doctor's visit
* Family descriptions

About the Language
Hindi (or Modern Standard Hindi), a standardized variety of Hindustani, is the official government language of India and the native language of approximately 180 million people, mostly in northern India. An additional 78 million people speak dialects of Hindi and related languages. Hindi is very closely related to Urdu, but Hindi is written in the Devanagari script and uses more Sanskrit words, while Urdu is written in the Persian script and incorporates more Persian words.