Travel to Brazil (Download)

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Embark on a video journey through culture and history!

Tudo bem!

Begin your tour of Brazil on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, then ascend the peak of Corcovado, topped by the Cristo Redentor statue, for a panoramic view of the city and Sugarloaf mountain. Pause to admire the mosaic glass of Nove Cathedral before heading into the bustling downtown for a trolley ride. Sample delicious food and vibrant nightlife, then watch the surfers along the Copacabana beach before exploring the treasures on display at an open-air market. Listen to the roar of the crowd watching a match at the huge Maracanã stadium, and enjoy an exciting samba show. Finally, complete your travels with a visit to metropolitan Brasilisa and a tour of the incredible Devil's Throat of beautiful Iguaçu Falls.

* Rio de Janeiro
* Rio-Santos
* Copacabana
* Brasília
* Iguaçu
* And More!


Color, full-frame, stereo sound, MP4

26 minutes

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