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Embark on a video journey through culture and history!


Plunge into the ancient Inti Raymi festival in Cusco, as professor of anthropology and archaeology Dr. Dwayne L. Merry introduces you to Peru! Begin your journey through this incredible country amid the ancient carvings of Chavin de Huantar, the ruins of Chan Chan and the Huaca del Sol, built by pre-Incan civilizations. Stop to observe the handiwork of the traditional weavers of Taquile and the artistry of an incredible collection of gold artifacts in Trujillo. Join the excavations of Sipan and Tucame, with Walter Alva and Thor Heyerdahl as your guides. Travel into the Amazon to meet an isolated tribe before attending a celebration of the Aymara, high in the Andes. Sample the bustling city life of Lima and the European flavor of Arequipa for a taste of modern Peru, then return to the countryside and the market of Pisac before concluding your trip with an exploration of the mysterious mountain city of Macchu Picchu.

o Cusco
o Chavin de Huantar
o Nazca
o Chan Chan
o Trujillo
o Taquile
o Tucame
o Lake Titicaca
o Uros
o Lima
o Arequipa
o Pisac
o Machu Picchu

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73 minutes

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